New Lens Coating Coming Soon!

14th May 2014

Our two premium coatings, SeeCoat Plus and SeeCoat Blue, will soon be available with full UV protection on both the front and back surface of the lens, offering 25 times better protection than naked eyes alone. SeeCoat Blue UV also provides the added benefit of protection against harmful blue rays from digital screens. Look out for our launch date soon.

LEARN ABOUT…Nikon’s New ‘MASTER’ Varifocal Lenses

28th Feb 2014

In spite of the many technological advances in varifocal lenses, most wearer’s can still experience visual stress in specific situations such as driving, juggling between the television and a mobile phone, and reading wide documents. These are moments where discomfort may be experienced, even with the best lenses and even with the latest designs. Nikon’s brand new ‘MASTER’ varifocal lenses provide wearers with stress free vision, thanks to Nikon’s 3rd Generation Aberration Filter Technology.

Nikon Launches New Varifocal Lens!

19th Feb 2014

This week sees the launch of Nikon’s most advanced premium varifocal lenses - SeeMax Master and Presio Master. The new lenses reduce distortion in the peripheral portions of the lens, and are digitally enhanced for stress free vision. All lenses are optimised in Japan via Nikon’s Optical Design Engine and manufactured in the UK. Both are available to order from your Optician now.

New Nikon Transitions Availability

18th Apr 2013

SeeMax Power and Presio Power 1.74 Transitions are available to order now. The ranges remain the same as for the clear SeeMax Power and Presio Power and are available to order via Assist.

New UK Visionary

20th Feb 2013

Nikon is an iconic brand that continues to inspire people to achieve great things. Some great things are not visible with your naked eyes, but perfect sight will allow you to see what it takes to achieve them. This reflects the ideals of the I SEE campaign which has now been fully implemented and, in fact, Nikon Optical UK has now introduced its very own visionary, Mr Kulvinder Lall, an innovator in the field of cardiology, practicing at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.

Register Your Lenses

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Tips for healthy eyesight


  1. Sit comfortably and rub your hands until they get warm
  2. Put gently your cupped hands on your closed eyes. Beware of not pressing your eyeballs. Your nose shouldn’t be cover by your hands.
  3. No light rays should pass through your finger.
  4. Concentrate on the darkness. If your arms hurt, lean on a table.
  5. Breathe slowly and consciously.
  6. Stay in this position during three minutes and more.
  • Frequency: 3 minutes or more
  • Where: Home